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Jennifer & Larry

Certified Consultant


My Story

Welcome, I joined Scentsy on September 3, 2011. I chose Scentsy because I love and believe in their core beliefs. Scentsy has blessed my life because they have helped me grow as an individual. Let me explain how three simple words changed my life. Authenticity means to be real, not copied or false. Scentsy is real. They do what they say they are going to do. The have helped me to grow and showed me how to be real, to do what I say I am going to do. Scentsy accepts me for who I am. There are no judgements passed about me. I am accepted for me. I am allowed, accepted, and encouraged to be me. Simplicity means easy to understand. Scentsy is simple in design and use. It is the easiest "candle" to use. In this regard, Scentsy has shown me that simple is ok. Not everything has to be rocket science. There is nothing wrong with simple. Generosity means readiness or liberality in giving. Scentsy has given millions to different charities trying to help make a difference in the world. The more you  give, the more you receive. I use to think this is a business. I am here to make money. Well while there is truth to that, there is also truth in getting more simply because you give. I love to help people. I get pleasure from helping others succeed, grow, and thrive. I am a teacher at heart. Scentsy helps me help others. What better "job" could someone have. I help others grow for a living! I really hope you will contact me about becoming part of the Scents Family. Let me help Scentsy help you like it did me. Three little words changed my life forever. Will you be brave enough to let them change yours? Authenticity, Generosity, and Simplicity I can't wait to welcome you into the family! Jen 

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